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People, Planet, Prosperity

“Fashion can contribute to the current renewal underway by realigning itself to meet people’s actual needs, while protecting and in full respect of the common good – namely, the social fabric and the environment” Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani has created a style that has, with remarkable consistency, continued to explore countless variations and possibilities over the years. In expressing a precise vision – down to the most minute detail, it is a style in the truest sense of the word: a way of being and presenting oneself, certainly incorporating clothing and accessories, but also including gestures, ways, behaviours and attitudes; something that goes beyond the sum of its parts, and well beyond what one wears.

Convinced that ethics and aesthetics must coincide, Giorgio Armani expresses fundamental and enduring values through style. He does so by creating timeless pieces that, enhanced by precious materials and artisanal craftwork, resist the whim of fleeting trends with their pure and essential design. Clothes that favour a fluidity that is as much lightness in their constitution as it is a natural progression in the fusion of masculine and feminine codes, in order to convey an alluring and personal femininity and a soft and conscious masculinity.

Giorgio Armani has crafted his style starting from the body and covering it with softness, making comfort an essential component. He creates discreet clothing: never unnecessarily ostentatious, pleasant to wear, that follow the body’s movements naturally; clothes that correspond to a function, with elegance. An approach to design that focuses on the wearer, offering clothes as tools of empowerment and a new means of self-representation: power suits for women, who have now become key figures in the business world; soft suits for men, who have moved away from a stern and outdated notion of masculinity.

Giorgio Armani embraces a concept of inclusion that is rooted in the mind, first and foremost, rejecting mainstream status symbols in favour of strong personalities and bright figures, to whom he presents creations that stand the test of time because they originate from the idea that less is more, namely from the conviction that good design has no expiration date and has nothing to do with irresponsible consumption. Style thus becomes a sustainable way of life.

Giorgio Armani articulates his unique vision through the extreme discipline garnered by his uncompromising nature: firstly, with himself in his relentless pursuit of continuous improvement; but above all through his independence, a founding and arduously defended quality, the only way to guarantee free and individual expression – a kind of authenticity that has turned style into a lifestyle.

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