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Our staff

Every day, over 8,000 people contribute to the Armani Group’s present and future through their work. Their experience, culture, choices and motivations are key factors in the creation of value.

For this reason, the Group is constantly committed to promoting a peaceful, respectful workplace, above all by encouraging and valuing differences in opinion, perspective, culture, age and gender, as well as promoting the professional and personal development of all its staff.

Human Rights Policies and Procedures

The Armani Group is committed to guaranteeing compliance with applicable laws and industry standards on:
- equal opportunities and rejection of all forms of ...
Inductions and trainings along with contracts in local languages are provided to employees to ensure awareness of their rights and responsibilities. Moreover, detailed policies and ...
© Sølve Sundsbø / Art + Commerce
© Sølve Sundsbø / Art + Commerce


A host of services and initiatives are in place that allow for a substantial enhancement in the living and working conditions for all personnel; these include, for example, a set of special agreements with commercial establishments or companies that provide health and related services. Ensuring a proper balance between the personal and professional spheres is essential for the Armani Group.

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Learning and development

The Armani Group develops its talent around the principles of meritocracy, leadership, enthusiasm, ambition, performance, and team spirit. Valuing excellence allows us to effectively manage change and face future challenges

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Diversity and inclusion

The Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) role was created within the Human Resources Department to coordinate strategies and activities aimed at raising awareness and empowering people to respect and appreciate what makes them different and unique.

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