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Protecting biodiversity and
the oceans

Giorgio Armani renews its collaboration with Forestami, which began in 2020, with “Milano Green Circle,” a major requalification of the 90/91 cable car route. Starting in the Fall of 2024, an extensive renaturalization project will result in the planting of 350 new trees and more than 60,000 shrubs and herbaceous perennials along the path that runs through 8 of the 9 Municipalities of the City of Milan.

On the occasion of World Oceans Day 2023, Giorgio Armani reaffirms its sustainability path and goals with an initiative related to the preservation of the oceans, afflicted by serious problems that endanger this vitally important ecosystem, such as plastic pollution, overfishing, acidification and loss of biodiversity.
In partnership with One Ocean Foundation – the non-profit organization dedicated to protecting marine ecosystems and promoting a sustainable blue economy – and thanks to the support of the association’s scientific committee, projects aimed at protecting marine and coastal biodiversity will be developed. In particular, in Porto Cervo, an activity will be developed to support the restoration and conservation of coastal dune belts, places of great value that are constantly subjected to threats due to human activity.

On the occasion of World Environment Day 2023, the Armani Group further testifies to its commitment towards environmental issues and the active promotion of sustainable practices with the announcement of the new Apulia Regenerative Cotton Project in collaboration with the Sustainable Markets Initiative’s Fashion Task Force and the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance, both founded by His Majesty King Charles III in his former role as The Prince of Wales. The project will focus on the development of agroforestry-based cotton production.

In recent years the Armani Group has supported the Italian branch of WWF’s Climate Crisis Fund initiative dedicated to combating climate change and its impacts on different areas of the world. In 2021 the donation contributed to the protection and preservation of the Arctic. In 2020 the funds supported the conservation of gorillas, one of the endangered species that the World Wide Fund for Nature is committed to safeguarding.

In 2020 Emporio Armani reaffirms its active role in promoting sustainable development with the Emporio Armani Green Project.

A plan that involves collaborating with local entities to expand green areas in nine different territories worldwide where the brand operates.

The initiative began in Milan, where Emporio Armani has supported and continues to support the ForestaMI project promoted by the Municipality of Milan to enhance and implement green areas within the metropolitan cities, and which involves the planting of three million trees by 2030.

The initiative has since been extended to the cities of London, New York, and Hong Kong with the support of the Green Roof initiative, the Central Park Conservancy and Friends of the Earth respectively, as well as Munich, Tokyo, the French commune Saint Martin d’Ablois, several Mongolian provinces and some Australian regions, spreading a new eco-friendly culture.


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