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Responsible event

Among the numerous initiatives we are engaged in, one that stands out is our renewed commitment to helping bring about positive change by working sustainably in all aspects of our business and creating value for our society, including through events, using resources in a way that will not negatively impact future generations.

The Group’s objective is to underline the importance of making conscious choices that will help safeguard the environment without compromising Armani’s beauty and style.

GA with models_ONO Venezia_SGP GA with models_ONO Venezia_SGP © Stefano Guindani/SGP

The One Night Only Venezia 2023 event was designed to minimise the environmental impact in accordance with ISO 20121.


All residual greenhouse gas emissions linked to the event were offset by supporting environmental projects, managed by ‘Sea the Change’ and ‘Società Agricola Blue Valley’, that aim to preserve the ecological equilibrium of the Venetian Lagoon and to restore its ecosystem and biodiversity.

© Stefano Guindani/SGP

The group offset all remaining greenhouse gas emissions connected to the One Night Only Dubai 2021 event through two REDD+ projects (Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) to support nature.

These projects, which target the Amazon rainforest, collectively reduce CO2 by over 500,000 tonnes per year, contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and the global fight against climate change, and offer social and economic benefits, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.




thousand hectares of forest saved
from deforestation


at-risk fauna and flora
species protected

It also promotes education, training and alternative sources of income for local communities, contributing to sustainable development in the region.


thousand hectares
of greenery protected


species of plants and animals

Furthermore, modern technology offers local producers and families the opportunity to receive education about sustainable forest management and new income sources respectively.

In addition to offsetting residual greenhouse gases related to the event, the Group will support the following projects:

Madonie Regional Natural Park

A reforestation project that plans to plant 600 trees belonging to autochthonous species, thus restoring the flora of the Sicilian area hit by forest fires in ...

Forestation Milan

A project that plans to plant 200 trees (such as beech, ash, hornbeam, oak and alder), to be launched in 2022 with a company tree-planting event.

Leaders of Change Mission

An Emirates Nature-WWF project that deals with environmental conservation, mobilising people, businesses and government agencies in the United Arab Emirates to spearhead impactful social and ...

Acting to preserve the social and environmental ecosystems we live in is in line with the Group’s ongoing commitment to reduce its environmental impact.

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