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The last few years have underlined the importance of medical and scientific research like never before. The Armani Group has supported the field through a number of study grants for promising young researchers and grants to support specific research projects.

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Support for research
in the field of oncology

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On May 15, 2024 the annual ceremony dedicated to Fondazione Veronesi‘s scientific research funding took place at the Aula Magna of the Università Statale of Milan. In this important context, the Giorgio Armani Foundation had the honor of awarding Prof. Franco Locatelli, coordinator of PALM Research Project®, a cutting-edge research platform for the treatment of acute pediatric myeloid leukemia, characterized by interdisciplinarity, collaboration between several institutes of excellence in Italy and abroad, and use of the best available technologies.

The Group also supports environmental research through the Fondazione Giorgio Armani, which has joined EU and private funding to subsidize an important research project conducted jointly by the University of Naples Federico II and the Italian National Research Council (CNR) in Pozzuoli to protect biodiversity and the environment.

The study, which is supported by the local government and the WWF, began last September with an experimental phase on the Sicilian island of Pantelleria. It aims to examine the efficiency of special effective microorganism (EM) mixes in purifying wastewaters and turning organic waste into compost suitable for agriculture.


Once the protocols and processes have been established, the program’s long-term goal is to continue operating on the island and expand into other areas of Italy.


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