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Values and Vision

The Armani Group is closely linked to its Italian context, but also stands out for its cosmopolitan vision and culture.

Our Values

Protection and conservation of the environment

Responsibility towards the community

Integrity and sharing

Protecting and valuing diversity

Transparency and information integrity

Policies in the interest of our staff

Team spirit


The Group’s values ​​are formalized within the Code of Ethics, whose rules are dictated by a precise social and moral commitment to guide the actions of all those who work in the name and on behalf of the company. Protecting all forms of diversity is of particular importance and is considered a crucial factor for success.

Sustainability plays an integral role in the strategic choices of the Group, which has defined a Strategic Sustainability Plan based on three priority areas of action and on the less is more philosophy:

Our Pillars


People’s well-being, talent development, inclusion and uniqueness


Environmental protection and efficient use of resources


New business models to create economic, social and environmental value, generate profit and act on behalf of the community
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