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The Armani Group constantly monitors its consumption, due to the great importance it places on conserving water and energy, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

Water consumption

During 2020, water consumption decreased by approximately 14% compared to the previous year. This was the result of greater efficiency, but it was also due to the ...

Renewable energy

From 2020, some of the Group's offices in Switzerland, Spain, Portugal started using a supply of electricity with a lower environmental impact. Starting in 2014, the Italian ...


A reduction of waste was achieved by training employees on issues related to trash and recycling, along with the installation of water fountains in the ...

The Armani Group’s initiatives for sustainable development and the circular economy include the shopping experience in points of sale made using natural, where possible certified, recycled materials that can be recycled at their end of life.

Sustainable Store Management

This model was applied for the first time in 2019,
the project has continued with new openings in Europe and Asia, and more openings are already scheduled in the coming years.


News and updates on the ongoing projects and initiatives of The Armani Group.

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