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Diversity and inclusion

The Armani Group has adopted a global vision that relies on, and benefits from, local collaborators, as well as a diverse, well-balanced mix of different ethnicities and cultures.

The Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) role was created within the Human Resources Department to coordinate strategies and activities aimed at raising awareness and empowering people to respect and appreciate what makes them different and unique.

Defending the dignity of the person is a prerequisite for creating a motivating and stimulating workplace, founded on trust and loyalty. For this reason, the investments made over time with respect to management of diversity and protection of equal opportunities are among the Group’s key priorities.

Leader in Diversity

Since 2020, the Armani Group has ranked among the top ten companies in Italy and among the best in Europe in the annual Diversity Leaders Ranking compiled by the Financial Times based on an assessment of employee perceptions regarding inclusion in the workplace.

In 2019, the Armani Group actively participated in the HR & Education round table of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (National Chamber of Italian Fashion) which, among other initiatives, led to the drafting of the manifesto Including Diversity.

“The colour of someone’s skin, ethnicity, social background, age, not to mention sexual, political and religious orientation for me do not make, nor have never made, any difference. The commitment to act free any form of discrimination when it comes to hiring and career advancement is deeply rooted in the Giorgio Armani Group’s value system. Diversity is an asset to be nurtured; inclusiveness is a moral and professional duty. We do not tolerate discrimination because what I am looking for is talent, in every area, and talent without diversity cannot be talent.

I see all my employees, in Italy and abroad, as a family I have to take care of, whether they are part of the Head Offices or the sales force in the store.
I respect everyone equally.”



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