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Supplier relationship

The Armani Group believes that an active collaboration with suppliers is a fundamental part of improving the quality of the supply chain.

When signing a contract, all suppliers commit to respect, enforce and disseminate the best social and environmental practices with their suppliers, subcontractors and subsidiaries:


Code of Ethics

Sustainability code for suppliers

Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL)

Product Restricted Substances List (PRSL)

Open Supply Hub (list of factories updated within the past 6 months)


International Accord


The Sustainability code for suppliers, drawn up in 2021 and periodically updated, aims to provide suppliers with guidelines on containing environmental impact – from the procurement phase of materials to their use – and on respecting human rights and working conditions of staff employed throughout the entire value chain.

Since 2013, the Group has been monitoring and auditing its supply chain regarding the observance of the ethical, social and environmental principles as defined by the Sustainability code for suppliers and by current regulations.

New suppliers are required to sign the Sustainability Code for suppliers and are subjected to a risk analysis linked to the geographical area and sector in which they carry out their activities. Furthermore, the Group requires documents, certifications and checks on compliance with environmental issues, human rights and workplace health and safety in relation to the processes and products supplied.

Number of audits carried out from 2019 to 2022
on the Armani Group suppliers

Social and environmental audits

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